About Busy Life Planners

In Search Of The Perfect Planner

“I have been struggling to find a decent planner for a while, and need something better than my current system – which involves juggling various different organizers as none of them do exactly what I need.”

The Busy Life Planner System is for us modern gals, who are juggling work, motherhood, house cleaning, exercise, home businesses, kid’s schedules … and are struggling to take control of it all.

We want a planner that organizes our whole reality, our way, without the confusion of having to write in multiple journals, or flip across pages.

And we want our planner to look good. Because if it’s boring and ugly, we’re simply not going to look at it.

That’s not much to ask, is it?

Well, I don’t think so. Which is why I have developed these 4 design principles for all my Busy Life Planner products.

The Busy Life Planner Design Principles


Ample space and a choice of sections to record all the things you need, without any extra fluff.


Layouts that are easy to read at a glance, and straightforward ways to record your plans.


Lots of layout options, editable headers and a choice of paper sizes.


Elegant design in pretty colours. Who wants to use a planner that’s ugly?

Hi I’m Fiona Amarasinghe, Head Planner

Hi there! I am a mum, a wife, the owner of two businesses and a contractor. I work as a kid’s party planner, copywriter, digital product designer and social media scheduler. It’s little wonder that I can never find a store-bought planner that is perfect for me!

A few years ago, I created my own printable planner, and began selling it online. The problem was, my perfect planner is not everyone else’s perfect planner. And as my life has changed, it was no longer perfect for me either.

After several years of development, I’ve come up with a solution – a pick ‘n mix, editable planner package called the Busy Life Planner system. Now you can experiment without investing in umpteen products, and create a planner that is perfectly you.

I am really proud of the Busy Life Planner system. This planner is so useful. And pretty. Because life is too short to use ugly stuff. I hope you love this system as much as I do.

(Oh, and other things about me…I love my energetic daughter. I love chocolate. I love my home city of Melbourne. I love to write. And I love staying up late playing on Facebook. A bit too much)

Ready to start planning?


“I’ve been loving this planner!

I’ve been using the weekly planner in my bullet journal. The different columns are really useful for me to organise my week into work, personal and to do. I’ve also been adding my own headings (finance, birthdays, shopping list, reminders).

I’m still playing around with the pages, but so far I like what I see!”



“Absolutely love it!

Makes managing a family and a home-based business so much easier.”

Tara Coffin-Harold