Digital planners like the Busy Life Planner are great because you get to select, print and assemble your planner pages exactly as you like. But how do you print your Busy Life Planner? Here are my top tips.

Printing Your Planner

Choose Your Paper Weight

Standard office paper is typically around 80gsm in weight. I recommend using 100gsm for your planner, because it won’t show printing or pen marks through the paper. It’s also a good balance of being sturdy but not too bulky.

Full Sized Planners

Select the file in your desired paper size:

Letter size – 8.5 x 11 inches – Standard in the US, Canada, Mexico
A4 size – 21 x 29.7cm – Standard in Australia, UK, most other nations

Now make sure that the page settings on your printer match your paper size. So if you’re printing a ‘Letter’ sized file, be sure you’ve selected the ‘Letter’ page size in the printer settings…and put Letter sized paper into your printer tray!

Print your left planner pages first. Now turn your paper over, feed it back into your printer, and print the right pages on the back.

Hint: Print a test page when printing on the back, to make sure everything is the right side up!

The Busy Life Planner margin is set to allow space for binding. You can adjust the amount of white space around the edge by choosing a custom scale (eg: 110% for less white margin), or choosing ‘borderless printing’.

Half Sized Planners

Half sized Busy Life Planners are coming soon! In the meantime, you can print your full sized planner onto half sized pages as follows.

Half Letter – 8.5 x 5.5 inches – Half a Letter sheet – Choose the Letter sized file
A5 – 21 x 14.8cm – Half an A4 sheet – Choose the A4 sized file

Method 1 – Print your pages 2-to-a-sheet then cut
  1. Load full sized paper into your printer
  2. In your printer settings, select ‘2 page layout’ or ‘multiple pages per sheet’ or similar (it will depend what program you’re using). Check the preview to make sure that you have correctly selected ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ layout – once again, which one you need will depend upon the program.
  3. Print your left pages, then turn your paper over, put it back into the printer and print the right pages on the back.
  4. Now cut your pages in half
Method 2 – Cut your paper in half first

I prefer this method, as it requires less fiddling with printer settings, and the print sizes seem to fit the pages better.

  1. Cut your full sized paper in half and place it in your printer tray
  2. Select the appropriate paper size (Half-letter or A5) in your printer program
  3. Select ‘fit to page’
  4. Print your left pages, then turn your paper over, put it back into the printer and print the right pages on the back.

Color Adjustments

If you want to make your colors really pop, head into your printer properties and select ‘high quality’ printing. Or increase the colour intensity setting.

Hint: You can get lovely bright colors without wasting ink by printing at ‘standard quality’ and adjusting the intensity up by about 10-20%.

To save ink, print at ‘standard’ or ‘draft’ quality. Or you may choose to print the weekly pages in black and white, and just print the cover page in color.


Now your planner is all printed, here’s my tips on how to bind your planner.