I’m going to explain how to resize printables of any size, so that you can fit them to your half-sized planner.

If you use a half-sized planner (that is, an A5 or Half Letter sized planner), but you’ve found a really great printable that is full sized, can you still use it? The answer is yes, and it’s not at all difficult to alter the size to fit when you print.

Paper Sizes

To make your full sized pages fit half-sized paper, you’re basically going to be scaling them down by half. You’ll get the best fit if you choose a file that’s the same width-to-height ratio. So it helps to understand standard paper sizes.

Standard paper sizes A4 A5 Letter and Half Letter

There are two main full sized paper standards – Letter and A4. When you cut them in half, you get Half-Letter and A5 respectively. So if you want to print half-letter pages, it’s ideal to start with a Letter sized document, and if you want A5 sized pages, it’s ideal to start with an A4 sized document. This will give you the best fit to your page.

Having said that, you can scale any full sized document down. It’s just that you may end up with a little more white space around the margins if you’re using different ratios.

Note: It’s actually ideal if you can find printables that have already been created in half-size. The Busy Life Planner system is available in half-size, which means you don’t have to do any scaling down.

How To Resize Printables To Print In Half-Size

Here’s a quick tutorial video I made to show you just what to do. If you prefer, follow the written instructions below.

To print at half-size, you can do it in one of two ways:

  1. Cut your full sized paper in half, and then print
  2. Print 2-to-a-page on full sized paper, then cut.

I strongly recommend the first method, because it will give you the correct margin space. If you use method 2, you end up with too much white space around the printing, and lose some writing space. So here’s how you print, using the first method.

1. Cut your A4 or Letter paper in half and insert this into your printer tray. If your printer has a digital display, it may ask you to tell it what size you’ve now inserted, so select A5 or Half Letter (or ‘other’) as required.

2. Open your file and press ‘print’.

3. Go into your printer ‘properties’.

4. Find ‘printer paper size’ and select the appropriate paper size from the list ie: A5 or Half Letter. Note that not all printers list Half Letter. If this is the case, select ‘custom’ and set the measurements as 5.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches long

5 Click ‘OK’ to get back to the original print screen, and then select ‘Fit’ or ‘Fit to page’. You should see in the print preview that the design now fits properly on the page.

6. Print.

Easy peasy!

If you’d like a weekly planner printable that has been designed to perfectly fit your half-sized planner, check out the Busy Life Planner system half-size version. 

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