Welcome to the most versatile and practical planning system around – the Busy Life Planner system.  Staying organized is about to get a whole lot simpler! The Busy Life Planner system is designed to provide you with maximum planner flexibility. It is a bundle of printable pages with varying layouts. You pick the layouts that work best for you, print and assemble.

At last, you can create a planner that’s perfectly you!

Here’s a quick video showing you how it all works.

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The Busy Life Planner Layout

The Busy Life Planner has been designed to incorporate planning for all aspects of your life at a single glance. It does this with a special two-page spread:

  • Left page – Your appointments and daily notes
  • Right page – A journal page with space for to-do lists, habit trackers, menu plans, journaling and more.

The magic is in the number of layout choices, and editable headers. With 5 designs for each of the left and right pages, that’s 25 total layout options. And with editable headers on the journal pages, you record absolutely anything that’s important to you.

“I have been using the appointments column for myself plus the smaller column for my daughter’s activities, I love that they are separated, but on the same page.

For the right pages, my longest to-do list will be for my business. I do like the idea of also having my personal to-do’s on the same page, as they often get overlooked as the week goes by.”

Jen, Owner & Designer, Little Miss Charlie

Left Page Options

Printable appointments planner pages Busy Life Planner

Choose how you want to record your week’s appointments – vertically or horizontally. Then decide if you’d like an extra column or two. These extra spaces are really handy for recording things like:

  • Daily To-Do’s
  • Hours worked – very handy if you’re billing a client
  • Children’s schedules
  • Menu plans

Alternatively, choose a layout with a note list that covers the entire week. This is a great place to record notes, or a weekly list of to-do’s. View pages in more detail here

Right Page Options

Printable journal pages Busy Life Planner These pages are for you to record anything and everything that’s important to you. All headers are editable – or print them off blank and experiment with what headings suit you best. There are spaces that suit:

  • To Do lists – you can break these up into Business and Personal; or Must Do and Nice-To-Do
  • Weekly goals
  • Expenses
  • Shopping lists
  • Habit tracking – daily exercise, drinking water, etc
  • Weekly schedules – menu plans, housecleaning schedules, kid’s timetables
  • Inspirational quotes, gratitude journalling
  • Notes

View pages in more detail here

Busy Life Planner flexible layout system

Which Pages Should I Choose?

With all this variety, you might find it hard to choose your favourite layout. Here’s a couple of questions you can ask yourself to help.

Your appointments style:

  • Do I have lots of appointments? The vertical left page layout gives you the most space for recording appointments.
  • Do I like to assign everything in my life to a particular day? If scheduling everything helps you stay organised, use the extra columns.
  • Do I need to record extra info every day? If you’re a contractor who records billable hours, or need to stay on top of a kid’s schedule, use the extra spaces.

Your journal style:

  • Does tracking habits help me achieve my goals? Choose a version with check-boxes for tracking.
  • Do I need to get my spending under control? Use the expenses column, or a blank box for recording expenditure.
  • Do I want to get my household under control? Choose a layout with Mon-Fri schedules for menu planning and housework scheduling. Alternatively, these can go in the extra spaces on the appointments pages.
  • Do I like to jot down lots of ideas and observations? Use the blank box versions.

Still not sure? The Busy Life Planner system includes undated versions of all pages. So at any time through the year, you can print off the various pages and try them out for a few weeks, to see what works for you.

“This planner is useful for me as I am recovering from illness and it is helping me keep track of all my appointments.

I’m also using the planner to encourage myself with eating food, as my illness it has left me unable to eat. The planner helps me to plan what I will try and record what is easy to eat.”

Gill Mulqueeney


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